Mission Housing Ministries - Guatemala
Investing with compassion
Student Scholarship Program

The student scholarship program is about building up the community, one child at a time.  Although a public education in Guatemala is free, children often work to provide food for their families, and they cannot afford the cost of school uniforms and supplies.  For these reasons it is very common for children not to attend school.

Your gift of $30 per month can make a big difference.  Your support will help purchase school uniforms and supplies as well as providing bulk food (rice, beans, corn, eggs, etc.) for both the child and family.  Our local administrator meets with the child monthly to make sure that progress is good and that the scholarship money is spent as intended.  Learn more...
Homes for Widows

Many of our visiting teams construct simple 10' x 12' tin-sided houses to provide shelter.  With dirt floors, 4 x 4 pole construction, dirt floors, and steel sides and roof, these homes are about as basic as they can be.

These homes go to families who are living in desperate circumstances.  Although the term "Widows" may be a misnomer, the families typically have no husband/father in the picture.  Many of the men have actually died (mostly from abuse of alcohol), but some have moved away and abandoned their families.  The stories vary, but the end product is that there is a Mom living with kids in pretty rough conditions.  Our basic houses are far from luxurious, but they provide shelter and are a great help to those who really need them.  Cost is $600 to sponsor construction of a house.  Learn more...

Animals for Needy Families

The animal sponsorship program is presently supported by two US Awana children’s ministry programs. The children bring offerings to be used in the missions field. Many children will “buy” a chicken or team up to buy a larger animal like a pig or a goat. 100% of their donated money is used to purchase animals for needy families.  This program encourages US children in their giving, and at the same time provides a small start to a business for families in Guatemala.  The animals provide food and a source of income for each family.  To see how Olga Maria multiplied a gift of chickens <<click here>>.

Ovidio's Cataract Surgery Center

This is a ministry that we see as a partnership with Ovidio and we are thrilled to be working with him to launch this valuable ministry and service in Comi.  It is important for our partners to know that we, as MH, do not own the facility and will not be responsible for providing the surgeries. We provide a conduit for funds and equipment, support Ovidio in building stateside relationships, and will help host surgical teams from the US. In the end it will be both a business and community ministry for Ovidio and his family. We are committed to raising up local leadership and investing in people to change lives both spiritually and physically so the eye clinic is a great way to do both.

Construction on the facility is nearing completion.  The structure is complete, and work continues on some of the finishing touches.  Ovidio has been gathering the necessary equipment and shipping it to Comi.  He has invested personally and has had some great partners come alongside through the process.  We have been working with Ovidio to bring the first surgical teams from the US, and God has provided some good possibilities.  With his continued guidance and provision, the first team will visit in February of 2015.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

Health Assistance Program
Health care can be difficult in Comi.  It is hard to find quality care and very difficult for many people to pay for their care when they need medical attention.  Through our teams, we provide medical care in some of the hardest situations.

Each unique case is handled personally, and the stories are powerful.  More information on this is coming soon.  We would love for you to be able to play a part in healing the sick and injured.

Seed Funding for Personal Businesses

Over the years, we have been able to partner with a number of people in Comi to help provide skills, equipment, and funding so that they can start businesses.  In the simplest form, this can be providing 2 pigs to a family.  They will raise one for their personal use, and raise the other for market.  When the market pig is sold they can buy two more piglets.  On a larger scale, God has led us to partner with a number of people in gaining education and starting businesses.  The pictures below are of Omar who received some training in computers and media when he was younger.  He has worked to start the local television channel, and now broadcasts to the surrounding area.  Ministry events are broadcast for no fee.