Mission Housing Ministries - Guatemala

Scholarship Program Information


The scholarship program began with a handful of children.  Visiting teams questioned why bright children of elementary school age were not attending school.  When they found that the children were shining shoes or helping to tend fields to earn a little money to help their families, the teams started providing scholarships to help the family and allow the children to stay in school.

Initially Ovidio and his wife Kery provided for the administration of the program.  Something they have a heart to do.  You see, Ovidio was once one of the children who received a scholarship.

The program continued to grow, and serve more families.  However, the administration began to get difficult for Ovidio and Kery to do as volunteers.  At about that same time Mission Housing Ministries and the Abandon Project began working together to build a more formal program.  The thought was that the MHM team could leverage its staff and infrastructure in Guatemala and the AP team would leverage their abilities for promotion and stateside fundraising.  With both organizations working together, we believed the program could grow to serve more children and families; building up the community one child at a time.

As of November 25, 2013 the program now has 43 students with another 45 waiting for scholarships.  We have created a stable part-time administrative position which Elder Vasquez, a native of the Comi area, has accepted.  Elder has been trained, and the program is growing steadily.

Funds are disbursed to students or parents monthly as they provide report cards, receipts, and progress updates.  Elder keeps records of the disbursements and how they have been used, and he will periodically help each student provide an update to his or her sponsor.

Our goal is to put at least 90% of your money to work in Guatemala. 73% is earmarked for your student or for other needy students in the community.  17% is targeted to provide salary and expenses for local administrators (Elder is the first) to manage the program.  So far through a generous subsidy for Elder's salary and expenses, we are exceeding this goal.  As the program continues to grow, we see funds being used as outlined below.