Each sponsorship helps to keep an at-risk child in school and it shows the Love of Christ.

Child Sponsorship Program Video

Next Steps

Reach out to Children in Need

There are many students waiting, but family situations and circumstances are always changing.

We will gladly send you information on children whose families have the greatest needs.

For new inquiries, please email Leslie Verkaik:


Fund your sponsorship

A monthly donation of $30 provides for school uniforms, school supplies, and nutritious food for the entire family.

Giving is easy, and you can choose a method that is the best for you.

And the full $30 goes to work in Guatemala without any burden for US administration.  Once in Guatemala at least 75% is provided to the family, with the rest providing a good administrative job in Comitancillo.

Sponsor a Child

Follow Up

Your connection is one-to-one.  You will receive periodic updates and messages from the student that you sponsor.

If you are planning a trip to Guatemala, we can even arrange a personal visit.

For updates on a student that you sponsor, please email Carlos Pascual: