Optica y Clinica Vision Plus - Optical and Dental Clinic

Our story.


Started about 10 years ago by a US Optometrist missionary, Rick Smart and his wife Karen, who decided to come to do eye screening for glasses and first aid service and referrals if necessary. They started doing this in the highlands of the State of San Marcos, in the area of Comitancillo, but later extended the service to other states and south of Mexico. As time went on, God opened doors to start doing cataract and pterigium surgeries being done by Christian Broadcasting Network teams. The eye clinic serves the community during the market days in town, Wednesday and Sundays, except when we do join efforts to do eye clinic and other types of clinics done by North American Doctors. Doors have been opened to start furnishing a dental clinic to serve the community which at present serves when Dentist from the US do sporadic clinics though the year.