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About 25 years ago four families went to visit two missionaries who were translating the New Testament into the Mayan dialect of Mam.  They visited the town of Comitancillo in Guatemala.  After that visit, they returned many times, building relationships, building churches, and spreading the Gospel in the remote areas.  They eventually bought a building and vehicles to make travel safer and easier.  Partners came alongside to sponsor national missionaries to host teams and teach classes in theology to local pastors.  God has blessed the ministry.  Today our ministry is rooted in three closely-related activities: 

  • Hosting short-term mission teams.  We have partnerships with churches in the US that send short term mission teams to Comitancillo every year.  Each team is different so the purpose and itinerary of every trip is built to match the hearts and skills of those making the trip.  These teams build lasting relationships, bring new and novel ministry programs, provide funding and manpower for construction, host medical clinics, and provide leadership training.  They partner with local pastors and leaders in their ministry. Learn more
  • Equipping local leaders within their community.  The FTE Bible Institute trains pastors and lay leaders for local ministry. And FTE offers secular education (GED equivalent) to prepare people for ministry training or to help as they seek jobs and careers.  This school is a connecting point within the community and works in partnership with our teams to encourage local leaders in their growth and ministry.  Plans exist to continue to build FTE's programs to approach a seminary-level education.  This is quite a challenge in an area where many people still do not know how to read and Spanish is a second language to the spoken Mayan dialect of Mam.  Learn more
  • Investing steadily and compassionately in people.  The Lord provides people with hearts to serve and compassionately reach out.  Compassionate relationships change hearts, and our role is to provide a means to make these connections.  FTE originally grew from a vision for building literacy and Biblical education.  Our student scholarship program has begun a new chapter through a promising partnership with The Abandon Project.  We have seen medical problems fixed, houses built, families fed, people growing into greater roles in their churches and community, and hearts changed both in the US and in Guatemala.  We are thankful for God's provision for us, and it is a privilege to be able to share this blessing with others.  Learn more
The mission continues, and the needs are great.  We invite you join us.

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