Each construction project meets a physical need and allows us to share the Gospel.

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Some Common Construction Projects


Homes provide basic shelter

Simple homes provide basic shelter and are accepted within the community as a 'hand-up' without creating dependence or jealousy.  The family partners in the construction project either with a visiting US team or with a local construction team.  Cost is $500.


Stoves provide for healthy and efficient cooking

Click the image above to see a video that describes the stove program.

Stoves replace open fires for cooking.  They remove toxic smoke from living spaces and require less wood, saving time and money for the family.  Cost is $300.

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Bunkbeds provide space for families to sleep

Many families sleep in small spaces all in a single bed.  Often the bed is nothing more than boards with a few blankets.  Bunkbeds provide more sleeping space and come with mattresses and blankets.  Cost is $300.