Mam Literacy

Lampara es a mis pies tu palabra (LAMP)

LAMP, is non profit, non governmental Guatemalan association, run by local people of the mam ethnic group.  They bring the Bible to people in their historical language. 

The vision is: A world where the Sacred Scriptures, serve to transform lives and mature believers through discipleship.

The mission is: To help men and women to become literate in the language of mam. with the purpose of teaching them to read and write to others and to read the Bible.

OUR FOCUS: By strategy, we focus on women, youth and children, however, the project opens opportunities for the population in general.


  • Literacy classes that include Bible studies and prayer times.
  • Post-literacy classes: Bible studies, prayer times, written or audio Bible stories.
  • Biblical studies, with organized groups.
  • Training for LAMP staff in: Bible studies, teaching-learning methods, writing workshop, audio production and radio broadcasting .
  • Preparation of teaching materials, evangelism and discipleship in the mother tongue.  
  • Verification, publication and distribution of materials.
  • Mobilization of the use of materials.
  •  Radio programs with biblical studies: Topics on biblical values ​​and gender equity.
  • Evangelism and discipleship.