Providing a Hand-Up not a Hand-Out

'Hand-Up' implies opportunity.  It represents a chance not just to receive something, but to build a better future.

In our organization, 'Hand-Up' also means partnership and relationship.  Before we extend an offer, we get to know the family that will be receiving support.  They are expected to partner and be accountable in the effort.  That means they have to provide report cards for scholarships, participate in construction, or check in to let us know how their animals are doing.  These connection points provide an opportunity to share the Gospel and celebrate progress.  That's encouraging.  That's a 'Hand-Up'.

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Child Sponsorship


$1 per day keeps children in school and provides basic food for the family.

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Animal Program

pigs from the animal program

A $60 one-time gift provides an animal to a needy family.  Each animal represents an opportunity to build a small business and raise food for the family.

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homes constructed for needy families

A $300-$500 one-time gift provides a home, stove, or bunk-bed to a needy family.

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