With our sincere thanks to Pastor Kevin Batista and First Baptist Dallas, we share one of their videos to help build the picture of how you might serve on or through a short-term mission team.

Hosting and Caring for your Team

Long Term Impact - Short Visit


MHM is a year-round ministry.  We seek to build up the evangelical Christian community in rural Guatemala, and our local staff has built strong relationships with local churches and pastors.  These connections and relationships allow you to come and meet true needs and then return home knowing that the ministry continues.

Sharing Your Gifts


You will have opportunities to share your Spiritual Gifts and your love of Christ.  Whether you are coming as part of a medical, construction, or relational ministry team, there are opportunities to help people, to encourage pastors and congregations, and to bring hope and encouragement through your visit.



You don't need to be fluent in the Mayan dialect of Mam... or even in Spanish. Our hosts and translators help with every aspect of ministry.  If you are in the city, they can help you order a hamburger in Spanish.  And if you're leading a children's event in a rural village, they will keep the kids engaged by translating to Mam.



MHM picks your team up at the airport and handles all transportation.  God has blessed us with well-maintained, late model vehicles for safety and reliability.  And our drivers regularly make the trip between Comitancillo and Guatemala City.

Meals and Lodging


All food and lodging is included in your trip.  In Comitancillo teams stay at 'Mission House' and the food is prepared by our staff.  Accomodations are not luxurious, but they are perfectly fit for the purpose of your team.  When traveling, we carefully choose hotels and restaurants to balance health, comfort, and budget.



Team hosting costs will depend on your team size and itinerary, and typically run between $700 and $850 per person for a week's visit.  Remember to add airfare and cost of the projects that you will do while in Comitancillo.  Please contact us to discuss your options.

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